Greetings from the Governor of Tokyo

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People's behavior and values are changing dramatically amid the COVID-19 pandemic. From now on, the speed and scale of global economic and social structural transformation will become increasingly greater and more intense.

While flexibly responding to these changes, we must pass this world on to future generations as a sustainable one.

What is necessary to ensure this is the promotion of sustainable recovery, which aims to achieve sustainable economic development while addressing climate change and other social challenges facing the environment, economy, and health, among others.

Sustainable finance, centering on ESG investment, is what is strongly driving this movement, and it has already become a global trend. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will work closely with you as a world-leading city for sustainable finance, which utilizes the power of finance to create sustainable cities. As a part of such efforts, we have organized the Tokyo Sustainable Finance Week. We hope that events held during this week, including the Sustainable Finance Forum and financial seminars, will deepen the discussion on sustainable finance and lead to the realization of a sustainable future.

Yuriko Koike | Tokyo Sustainable Finance Week

Governor of Tokyo

Signature of Yuriko Koike | Tokyo Sustainable Finance Week

Strategic Projects Section, Strategic Projects Division Office of the Governor for Policy Planning Tokyo Metropolitan Government