Collaboration Events

  • October 22 (Fri.) and 23 (Sat.), 2021 10:00-17:00

    SDGs AICHI EXPO 2021

    sdgs_aichi_expo_2021| Tokyo Sustainable Finance Week
    • Format Real and Online
    • Venue Aichi Sky Expo
    • Time 10:00-17:00 
    • HostSDGs AICHI EXPO Executive Committee
    • Sponsored byCabinet Office (planned), Central Japan Economic Federation, Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Chunichi Shimbun, The Mid-Japan Economist,
      Chukyo TV Broadcasting, Tokai Television Broadcasting, CBC Television, Nagoya Broadcasting Network, Aichi Television Broadcasting,
      FM Aichi Broadcasting, ZIP-FM, Tokai Radio Broadcasting, and CBC Radio

    Event Information

    "For a Society Where the Earth, Cities, and People Can Coexist"
    —SDGs Aichi Created Through a Multi-generational Partnership—

    Today, there's only 10 years left until the 2030—the year the SDGs are aimed to have been achieved by—and social structures and people's consciousness are changing to solve various issues, including environmental, human rights, and regional. Against this background, SDGs AICHI EXPO will showcase each organization's efforts through exhibition booths, etc., and hold events like lectures, symposiums, and stage shows through which business people and families alike can have fun learning about SDGs.

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