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  • October 13 (Web.), 2021

    Webinar “Financial Centres on the Road to COP26”

    Financial Centres on the road to COP26| Tokyo Sustainable Finance Week
    • FormatOnline(Cisco Webex)
    • Time14:00~15:00(CET)/21:00~22:00(JST)
    • Co-HostFC4S(Financial Centres for Sustainability), WAIFC(World Alliance of International Financial Centers)

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    The COP26 offers a space for dialogue where cities, governments, civil society, and companies propose a transformation agenda to make the Paris Agreement operational and concretely demonstrate their collective commitment to mitigate emissions and build resilience throughout the planet.
    Preparing for a successful COP26 requires the participation of Financial Centres, which are natural nodes to pilot the transition towards a sustainable financial system, due to the clustering of financial activities and finance professional services and institutions, as well as their convening power among public and private market actors.
    For this reason, the UN-convened Financial Centres for Sustainability Network (FC4S) and the World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAFIC) have created a space that will focus on the Sustainable Finance Agenda within Financial Centres, their advances on aligning their portfolios with the zero-carbon transition and the Paris Alignment, to precede and enrich the COP26 discussions.

    Zalina Shamsudin/General Manager at Capital Markets Malaysia FC4S member
    Zarah Abdel Rassoul/Deputy Managing Director at Stuttgart Financial WAIFC Board
    Jennifer Reynolds/President & CEO at Toronto Finance International FC4S and WAIFC Co-Chair
    Emmanuel Etaderhi/SVP, FMDQ and Executive Secretary at FC4S Lagos FC4S member

    Stephen Nolan/Managing Director, UN-convened Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S) & Head of Secretariat Sustainable Insurance Forum (SIF)
    Jochen Biedermann/Managing Director, World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAFIC)

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