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As a general rule, all links to this website, both commercial and noncommercial, are freely permitted. When setting up the link, please clearly state that the link is to the Tokyo Sustainable Finance Week website. Links, however, are not permitted in the event that any of the following applies or may possibly apply to the link or the linking site:

1. Links of a libelous or defamatory nature, or that intentionally damage the reputation or credibility of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government , private companies (individuals), groups, or organizations
2. Links that infringe or that may infringe copyrights, trademarks, other intellectual propertyrights,assets, rights to privacy, rights to the usage of one’s likeness, or other rights owned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government , private companies (individuals), groups,or organizations
3. Links that place this website within a frame or otherwise can cause misunderstandingsamong third-party visitors by rendering the contents in such a way that it is unclear thatthe contents belong to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
4. Any links aside from the above that violate or may violate any laws, rules, regulations, public order and morality, or that obstruct or may obstruct the administration of this website
5. Links that make unauthorized use of logos, marks, etc. owned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
6. Links of a form that misrepresents the source of information. The URL of this website may be changed without prior notice. Please also note that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government shall accept no responsibility for compensation, claims,or complaints pertaining to any links.

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